Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Related Party Transactions (Details Textual)

Related Party Transactions (Details Textual) - USD ($)
1 Months Ended 12 Months Ended
Jul. 31, 2016
Jun. 30, 2016
Jun. 30, 2015
Related Party Transaction [Line Items]      
Consulting expenses     $ 99,000
Forgiveness of accounts payable and accrued expenses - related party   $ 0 $ (132,339)
Minimum Securities Value, Purchase Commitments   $ 8,000,000  
Subsequent Event [Member]      
Related Party Transaction [Line Items]      
Consulting Agreement Fees Per Month $ 10,350    
PH Pharma Co Ltd [Member]      
Related Party Transaction [Line Items]      
Intellectual Property License Effective Terms   License to become effective, PH must purchase at least $6 million of the Companys common stock in one or more private placement transactions at prices to be negotiated in good faith by the parties based on commercially reasonable terms.  
Equity Method Investments   $ 2,000,000